In case of change in residential address and shifting from one Wellness Centre to another, CMO In-charge of the original Wellness Centre shall make modifications in data base and transfer the cards to new Wellness Centre. CMO In-charge of new Wellness Centre shall accept transfer of card(s) and data shall be transferred to new Wellness Centre. Click here to download the form.

In respect of serving employees the request is to be forwarded by his/her office / department.


It has now been decided, in supersession of the earlier orders in this regard, to allow online transfer of same CGHS cards of serving employees of central Government on transfer from one CGHS city to another CCHS city as per the details given under:

i)                    Serving employees on transfer from one CGHS city to another CGHS city shall submit an application to the Additional Director of the CGHS City (forwarded by the Ministry/ Department from where he /she is being transferred) along with copy of the transfer/ relieving order for transfer of CGHS Cards to another CGHS city with an undertaking that he shall be residing in the new city in a CGHS covered area.

ii)                  Addl. Director, CGHS of city shall transfer the card online and shall issue an acknowledgement slip to the serving employee. CGHS Plastic cards shall be retained by the serving employee.

iii)                Serving employee in the new CGHS city submits an application duly forwarded by his/her Ministry/Department/ Office, certifying that CGHS contribution is being deducted, to the Additional Director of new CGHS city for acceptance of the transit CGHS cards to the data base of new city and allocation of a CGHS Wellness Centre in new CGHS city along with proof of residence for residing in a CGHS covered area. Additional Director, CGHS in the new city shall accept the cards in new city after verification of the residential address. If the area is not covered under CCHS, the card shall remain inoperable until it is accepted by the Addl. Director, CGHS.

iv)                It is also brought to the attention of all Ministries and Departments that they are responsible for surrender of CGHS cards issued to Serving employees when they are transferred to a non-CGHS covered city.