CGHS card issued by the Directorate General of Central Government Health
Scheme (CGHS) is not transferable.

       Misuse of CGHS card will entail penal consequences and in the case of
Government employees, disciplinary action can also be taken.

       On the expiry of the period of validity of a CGHS card, the holder of the CGHS
card shall surrender it immediately to the Ministry/Office concerned and apply
for renewal or the CGHS card(s), if necessary.

       The holder of a CGHS card(s) will surrender it to the sponsoring authority when
the CGHS card is no longer required by him on account of his transfer or
shifting of residence to a non-CGHS covered area.

       Each Ministry / Office sponsoring requisitions for CGHS cards shall maintain a
register in Form E to record the details of CGHS cards issued as per the
recommendation of the Ministry / Office. This register shall be submitted to the
Directorate General of CGHS if and when required for scrutiny.