The Beneficiaries are examined at the Wellness Centres on first come first serve basis. Requested to cooperate.

       However, beneficiaries who are very sick or being carried to the unit for consultation, the infirm or attending in an Ambulance or any other circumstance which warrants an out of turn consultation shall be seen on a priority basis when brought to the notice of the Medical Officer.

       Wherever the Beneficiaries and their families present together, efforts will be made to see such cases so that they are seen as a family, unless as desired by the beneficiary or the circumstances so dictate.

       Preference shall also be given to Senior Citizens (80+) and Persons With Disabilities for an out of turn consultation and issue of medicines.

       The 80+ seniors are requested to respect the privacy of the ongoing consultation and wait till the person completes his/her consultation before entering the consulting room.

       However, when more than one senior citizen is awaiting their turn then they shall be seen as per their position in the queue, as it would be difficult to set norms for determining their inter seniority in the time frame available for consultation.

       Further, in the morning hours priority would be given to school children in uniform needing to go to school after the consultation; As also Serving Employees needing their fitness certificates for reporting for duty on expiry of Medical Leave.

       Always bring CGHS card (plastic/ self-printed) during every visit

       For patients who have taken online appointment, the time slot allotted is only the reporting time and not the consultation time.

       Always carry previous prescriptions/results with you for each visit.

       There are lot of sick patients in the Wellness Centre. Silence is appreciated.

       You are requested to turn phone into silent mode before entering the consulting room.

       Patience is always appreciated.

       Approach CMO In-charge for all your grievances.

       Ensure that the quantities of all the medicines are correct before leaving the pharmacy counter itself.

       Issue of Medical certificate is at the discretion of treating Medical officer.

       Referral letters are not issued to patients who are already admitted.

       Private Doctor prescriptions are not normally honoured. It is at the discretion of the treating Doctor at the Wellness Centre.